Green Streets Solve a Problem of Inadequate Stormwater Infrastructure

Sunset Avenue in Richmond, Kentucky is like many historical neighborhoods across the state of Kentucky with undersized or non-existent stormwater infrastructure. The lack of properly sized infrastruct…

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Tyner Elementary Wetland Sewage Treatment System

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Jackson County Schools, and CDP Engineers cooperated to construct a natural wetlands system to treat Tyner Elementary's wastewater.

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Clays Mill Road Project Update

Phase one of the Clays Mill Road Project is complete. It involves the stretch of road from Keithshire Way to Higbee Mill Road in Lexington. The road has new curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and bike lane…

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City of Richmond Comprehensive Plan Receives Award

CDP assisted HNTB and the City of Richmond with the comprehensive plan which was named Outstanding Plan of the Year by the Kentucky chapter of the American Planning Association (KAPA).

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