Berea Bypass


Berea, Kentucky


City of Berea


1999 (Phase I)




CDP Engineers prepared Phase I roadway designs for the 5.5 mile Berea Bypass in Madison County, and has recently completed designs for Phase 2. This roadway is intended to relieve congestion in downtown Berea by providing an alternate route between I-75 and KY 21, east of Berea. The western section of the bypass is to be a four-lane rural arterial, limited access, with a 40’ depressed median. The eastern section reduces to a two-lane roadway. Close coordination of the project with all parties was conducted.   


  • Horizontal alignment studies
  • Vertical geometrics to meet design criteria while resulting in economical earthwork
  • cross road designs for intersections with major roads
  • drainage designs for numerous culverts and open channels
  • right of way plans
  • public information meetings
  • coordination of geotechnical investigation
  • coordination of structural designs