Bluegrass Station Water Infrastructure  


Avon, Kentucky


Commonwealth of Kentucky Finance & Administration Cabinet






The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Finance and Administration Cabinet contracted the services of CDP Engineers. Inc. to provide water system designs to separate domestic and fire lines in order to preserve water quality in the domestic water system without constant flushing. Domestic water lines were sized for existing demands and a reasonable amount of growth.  Lines were looped when redundancy was required.  To ensure adequate fire flows throughout Bluegrass Station, head was added to the system.  The available head from Kentucky American Water’s (KAW) elevated storage in the area is not sufficient to deliver desired fire flows through the existing KAW and Bluegrass Station lines.  Fire protection was accomplished by using the existing 470,000 gallon underground clearwells and a fire pump station.  The fire booster pump station is a pre-packaged pump house containing a 3,000 GPM 150 psi horizontal split-case pump with a 400 Hp electric motor, and a 3,000 GPM emergency standby 460 Hp diesel engine driven pump with 700 gallon fuel tank. A 30 GPM multistage pump is used to keep the system pressurized in lieu of a bladder tank. The pump house is 13 ft- 6-inches wide x 42 ft long x 11 ft high with fire rated wall separating the electric and diesel pumps, prewired with HVAC, lighting, and pump controls. The project included approximately 3,600 lineal feet of 12-inch, 10,000 lineal feet of 8-inch, and 2,400 lineal feet of 6-inch water main and 11,000 lineal feet of 4-inch and 2-inch water main


  • preliminary Engineering Report
  • hydraulic analysis included chlorine residual modeling
  • design of approximately 27,000 linear feet of 2-inch through 12-inch water main
  • connections to existing main and master meters
  • coordination with insurance representatives for fire protection design
  • upgrades of all private services throughout Bluegrass Station
  • preparation of plan and profile sheets such that conflicts with other utilities were avoided
  • design of fire pump station