Clays Mills Road  


Lexington, KY


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government


2012 (Section 2A)




CDP completed a 3.7-mile corridor scoping study in 2000 for Clays Mill Road, an arterial within a residential context of Lexington, which ranged from Man O’ War Boulevard to Harrodsburg Road. The scoping study established the road improvements as a “Complete Street” project that addresses traffic capacity and pedestrian safety issues by adding sidewalks and bike lanes along the entire corridor. The construction documents were completed in 2006, but the construction was separated into multiple phases as funding became available. The first phase, Section 2A, was completed in the fall of 2012 with Section 2B scheduled for construction in the fall of 2013.

Public involvement has played a major role in the design process. A 22-member advisory committee was formed at the beginning of the project. Representatives from the residential community, corridor users, churches, schools, business leaders, elected officials and several divisions within the Urban County Government formed the majority of the advisory committee. 9th District Coucilman Jay McChord said “This was the very first complete street design. It was done before we even adopted complete streets as what we are going to do in Lexington. A complete street gives a place for cars, for bikes and for people. This design has stood the test of time through all those challenges, so I want to thank everyone at CDP and the contractor for working with neighbors and addressing their concerns.


  • “Complete Street” concept was adopted for this project creating a safe and pleasant transportation route.
  • implementation of preferred design alternatives that address traffic capacity and safety issues while maintaining the residential/neighborhood character of the corridor.
  • improved pedestrian and non-motorized vehicular circulation by including sidewalks and bike lanes along the entire corridor.
  • water quality improvements including NPDES Phase I requirements.
  • design of unique environmental graphics as a part of the retaining wall and guardrail system.
  • ACEC 2013 Award for Engineering Excellence