Coldstream Park Greenway Plan


Coldstream Research Campus, Lexington Kentucky


Lexington Fayette County Government


October 2018


$ 2,000,000


The overall purpose of this project was to develop and implement the Coldstream Park Greenway Plan meeting the requirements as set forth in the Consent Decree SEP. The plan included the restoration of a section of Cane Run, which has been degraded due to straightening, stream bank erosion, and downcutting of the stream channel resulting in disconnection from the floodplain. The drainage watershed included commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential land uses. Runoff from the Cane Run stream ultimately recharges the Royal Springs Aquifer.

This project will provide long-term benefits to the public and environment by providing improved floodplain conditions that will lessen flood water backup and stream channel erosion leading to an improved floodplain ecosystem, as well as by improving water quality in downstream sections of Cane Run and the Royal Springs Aquifer.



  • Design of 2,700 linear feet stream channel utilizing natural channel design
  • Natural stream and floodplain hydrology restoration.
  • Construction of 1,900 linear feet embankment stabilization
  • Guidelines to Protect historic trees
  • Floodplain grading and drainage hydrology
  • 401 and 404 Permitting
  • Infiltration basins to filter stormwater
  • Surface water wetlands and bio-swales to filter run off
  • Native plantings along riparian zone.
  • Habitat restoration throughout the greenway.
  • Environmental educational signage along Legacy Trail
  • Establishment of a conservation easement