Coldstream Park Stream Corridor Restoration


Lexington, KY


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government






The Cane Run restoration project will restore 4,400 linear feet of intermittent stream that flows adjacent to the Legacy Trail within the Coldstream Park. This stream has been degraded from past land use resulting in a disconnection from the existing floodplain.  Additional components to the project include restoration of habitat, reduction of peak flows, flooding, and pollutant loads, and enhancing recreational opportunities within and adjacent to the park.  The proposed design reconnects the stream with the floodplain and utilizes vertical grade control structures across the floodplain to provide long-term stability.  Two dimensional shear stress analysis was completed on the stream and floodplain to determine existing shear stresses and verify the stability of the proposed stream/floodplain system.

Pollutant loadings entering Cane Run through urban runoff and agriculture land use practices were treated with a series of BMPs including stormwater wetlands, bioswale, and native riparian zone plantings.  Stormwater wetlands were designed to caputure and treat runoff entering the restoration area and provide filtration within the restored floodplain.  These native riparian zone planting enhance habitat opportunities within and adjacent to the stream as well as providing a reduction in pollutants.  Passive land use within the park was enhanced with the design of a recreational fishing pond, which fully utilizes the available greenway areas.


  • analysis and design of a stable stream and floodplain system
  • restoration of biological and hydraulic functions within the stream and floodplain
  • design of water quality BMPs: stormwater wetlands, floodplain wetlands, bioswale, and native riparian zone plantings
  • creation of amphibian habitat with vernal pools and backwater areas