Court Archaeological Research Facility (CARF)


Crosby Township, Ohio


Emersion Design






The University of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Parks and Recreation have an agreement which will allow the University to construct a remote research facility on park land per a long term lease agreement. CARF will be located on a former Shaker farm and village. An integrative design approach was taken by the multidisciplinary design team lead by architects Emersion Design, LLC with CDP being responsible for landscape architecture and civil engineering services. The design team has drawn inspiration from the Shaker lifestyle which involved living within an economy of means. A similar level of simplicity and self sufficiency is being revisited and executed through the use of sustainable site design practices such as limited site disturbance, materials, bioretention for the conveyance, infiltration and treatment of stormwater as well as a host of other applications such as pervious pavements and the use of native and adaptive plant materials. Being that the CARF facility is used for archaeological purposes, earth forms have been designed to mimic Native American Adena burial mounds. These mounds serve the dual purpose to reflect the indigenous culture of the region and to frame an outdoor classroom area.


  • on-site storm water infiltration and treatment
  • on-site sanitary treatment through the use of a septic system
  • native and adaptive landscape
  • alternative porous pavement material
  • earthen mounds designed to reflect indigenous culture