Deep Springs Pump Station and Force Main Improvements


Lexington, Kentucky


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government






Under the Consent Decree, the existing Deep Springs Pump Station was replaced with a new Class B pump station and building, and upgraded to include an increase in firm pumping capacity to 3.5 MGD. The associated 280 linear feet of 10-inches force main was also upgraded to handle the increase in flow. Three new 900-gpm submersible pumps with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) were installed in three separate wetwells, allowing any one pump to be taken out of servie without reducing the capacity of the pump station. The new pump station was also fitted with a 500 cfm carbon absorber odor control system, a 300kW natural gas generator, and a magnetic flowmeter. Since the project site was located in a residential area, the pump station was designed to resemble a house, complete with decorative residential lighting, metal roof shingles, and appropriate fencing and landscaping.


  • property acquisition services to purchase two residential lots
  • geotechnical investigation and mapping of nearby sinkholes
  • hydraulic analysis to size the pumps and force main, including recent sewershed studies and projections
  • triplex wetwells with isolating sluice gates to allow maintenance of pumps withouth affecting service
  • new valve vault with shutoff, check, and surge relief valves
  • 300kW standby emergency natural gas generator
  • geogrid driveable grass to allow access for service trucks and to minimize stormwater runoff
  • pump controls, electrical, HVAC, and site improvements
  • coordination with city stormwater project behind project location