East End Church of Christ


Lexington, Kentucky


East End Church of Christ




CDP was the lead consultant for this church expansion project located in Lexington, Kentucky. The site provided many contextual constraints and therefore required a very sensitive design approach. Storm water detention was a key component in the design, which ultimately required a regional storm water basin. The monotony of a large asphalt parking lot was broken up by the use of bio-retention basins, which provided additional water quality advantages and provided green landscaped islands safe for pedestrian circulation. Additional innovative methods such as vegetative swales, rain gardens, and ground water recharge areas contributed to improved water quality and storm water management.


  • preparation of grading, drainage and erosion control plans
  • site layout preparation
  • sanitary sewer design
  • coordination with architect, mechanical engineers, city engineers and planners
  • 75,000 sq. ft regional detention basin
  • bio-retention basins
  • bidding services
  • construction administration