Fayette County Elementary School Site Assessment


Lexington, Kentucky


Fayette County Public Schools




CDP’s original scope of work was to assess three potential project sites and provide a professional recommendation on the suitability and best location to construct a new elementary school.  Once this initial phase was approved, a preliminary site plan and an ALTA / ACSM survey was completed as part of the overall scope of services.

The first phase of this work included the collection of preliminary information to describe the site conditions.  Factors were analyzed to consider advantages and disadvantages relative to the site development cost, buildable area restrictions, utilities availability, primary and secondary roadway access, environmental barriers, and meeting Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) requirements.    

CDP provided an assessment of the 15-acre Clark property site according to “Requirements for Potential New School Sites”.  A preliminary drawing was then prepared according to specific site design criteria provided by FCPS and indicated site dimensions, buildable area, utility locations, primary and secondary roadway access.  This document would be usable by FCPS to be used in negotiations with the proposed seller and to obtain tentative site approval from KDE.

Additionally, the second phase of the project involved assessment of infrastructure / utility cost, preparation of a site survey, and coordination of a preliminary geotechnical investigation.


  • field investigations
  • site assessment
  • preliminary site layout
  • program development for BG-1
  • probable cost analysis
  • geo-technical investigation
  • ALTA/ACSM survey