Georgetown Fire Station BMP Parking Lot


Georgetown, Kentucky


City of Georgetown






CDP assisted the city of Georgetown by applying for an EPA 319 (h) grant to help fund the Georgetown Fire Station Parking Lot. In addition to developing construction documents and bidding the project, CDP hosted a series of presentations to satisfy some of the 319 (h) grant requirements. These educational demonstrations were intended to focus on the water quality benefits of best management practices within the North Elkhorn watershed, as well as provide educational outreach to the public. The Georgetown Fire Station Parking Lot demonstrates the use of pervious concrete, porous asphalt, permeable pavers, rain gardens, erosion control devices, storm water storage systems and a rain barrel. This parking lot demonstration was the first 319(h) grant funded project in Kentucky that has served as a one-stop site to see this variety of urban low impact best management practices that address storm water quantity and quality and has been a reference for other regional municipalities and design professionals for alternative construction materials and best management practices.  


  • reduce Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution in watersheds throughout Kentucky by using water quality BMP's
  • promote the LEED program and LID methodology of using techniques that infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate and detain rainfall excesses to close to their source
  • parking lot theme was based on the “recycling” symbol
  • implements underground storage systems that contain 5 year storm events
  • showcases multiple LID techniques to capture rain where it falls and allows it to infiltrate back into water table