Glendover Elementary School


Lexington, Kentucky


Pearson & Peters Architects




CDP has performed a variety of survey-related projects for the Fayette County Public Schools system the past several years and we have become particularly attuned to the standards and preferences of the Facility Design and Construction team of the FCPS.  This experience culminated in a deliverable to the client that provided all the information they had requested and more.

CDP Engineers performed a topographic mapping and boundary survey of the Glendover  Elementary School campus which encompassed approximately 14.7 acres of land located at 710 Glendover Road in Lexington, Kentucky.  A title commitment was not provided on this project, therefore, CDP conducted exhaustive title research of the subject property and all adjoining property owners.  In addition, all utility providers that serve the site were contacted and asked to mark there lines in the field and provide existing system maps, if available.  Our field crews conducted surveys using conventional and GPS equipment to locate and record all existing features, structures, utilities and changes in terrain.  We prepared a plat of the survey showing one-foot contour intervals and all improvements as well as all boundary lines.