Grand Avenue Pump Station


Jeffersontown, Kentucky


Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District






CDP is in the later stages of the design of a new pump station for Louisville MSD.  This project is part of MSD’s control plan required by their consent decree with USEPA.  The proposed Grand Avenue Pump Station, a major component of the Jeffersontown Diversion Project, will be a new pump station located in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.  The pump station will intercept three existing sanitary sewers which currently flow to the Jeffersontown Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), thus preparing for the eventual decommissioning of that facility prior to December 2015.  Discharge from the new Grand Avenue Pump Station will flow via force main and gravity sewers to the Morris Forman WWTP.

The Grand Avenue Pump Station project will consist of a new 10 million-gallon-per-day (MGD) pump station and screenings facility with integral equalization tanks to store excess flow during or immediately following major storm events.  Flow will enter the pump station through a single 36-inch gravity sewer.  The influent channel will contain two mechanical screens and one manual screen, each with a capacity of 10 MGD.  Following screening, gravity flow will be diverted to the pump station’s two wet wells and/or to one of four below ground equalization tank compartments.  Each of the wet wells will contain three (3) submersible pumps, two (2) of which will pump wastewater through a discharge header into a 24-inch collection system force main.  The third pump will be dedicated to pumping excess flow into the equalization basins.  The low-head equalization basin pumps will only be needed when there is an extended high-flow peirod and the gravity fed portion of the equalization basin is at capacity.  The equalization basins will be equipped with tipping buckets that will provide flushing water to clean the basins after influent flow subsides and the basins are emptied.  The total wet weather storage volume will be 1,910,000 gallons.

Flow control and flow isolation to the equalization basins will be through the use of electrically-operated sluice gates.  The pump station will be designed such that gravity flow will be automatically diverted into the equalization basins without requiring adjustment to the flow control gates; therefore, no operator input will be required for the equalization basins to be used.  In the unlikely event that the facility pumping capacity and equalization basin storage volumes are inadequate for an extended period of high influent flows, an overflow weir located in a new Diversion Chamber located on the other side of Chenoweth Run will automatically divert the excess flow into the existing 30-inch trunk sewer.


  • sustainable Measures
  • total Wet Weather Storage Volume 1,910,000 Gallons
  • 36-Inch Gravity Sewer
  • 24-Inch Collection System Force Main
  • 30-Inch Trunk Sewer