Harrodsburg Road Landscape and Corridor Plan


Lexington, Kentucky


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government






The scope of this project is to develop a landscape and streetscape master plan for Harrodsburg Road from approximately downtown (Main Street) towards Harrodsburg (Military Pike) approximately 6.8 miles.  The main design element for the proposed master plan trail will be identifying landscape opportunities along the corridor with an emphasis placed on streetscape elements including but not limited to sidewalk conditions and connections, wayfinding signage, decorative banners, aesthetic treatments, gateways and other streetscape features. The project approach has three major design/technical phases: 1) an investigation of the opportunities/constraints for the project corridor; 2) development of a conceptual/preliminary design for the project; 3) production of a final design for the project corridor including an implementation and maintenance budget. At each step of the process, the corridors committee, stakeholders and the general public will be involve in crafting the vision for the corridor.


  • complete street design
  • green design
  • corridor study
  • public involvement
  • sidewalk, bicycle & transit design
  • districts, landmarks and nodes
  • GIS deliverable