Irvine Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant


Irvine, Kentucky


Irvine Municipal Utilities






Irvine Municipal Utilities (IMU) provides water and wastewater services regionally to residential and commercial customers in Estill County, Kentucky. The project included an upgrade to the existing 0.6 MGD IMU plant, the extension of wastewater service to approximately 200 households in the Wisemantown Road area, and the construction of a pump station at the ECWD WWTP. Gravity sewers were installed along Wisemantown Road, and a new pump station was constructed to convey wastewater from the ECWD service area to the headworks of the IMU treatment plant. Multiple funding sources were utilized on this project.

The new 2.0 MGD IMU conventional wastewater facility has one mechanical screens, two oxidation ditches with closed loop aeration channels, two 100-horsepower aerators per ditch, two 56-foot diameter clarifiers, two solids holding facilities with combined storage of 48,000 cubic feet, one sludge rotary for dewatering press, ultraviolet disinfection, generator for emergency power, and a SCADA system to monitor the pump stations and wastewater treatment plant. The oxidation ditches are 160 feet long by 60 feet wide by 15 feet deep, with an approximate surface area of 9,500 square feet each.

One new pump station was constructed on the south side of the Kentucky River to convey ECWD wastewater to the IMU plant. The extension of coverage to 200 new customers required a new collection system of approximately 2.2 miles of 8-inch gravity sewer and 3.2 miles of 10- to 12-inch gravity sewer.


  • Combine treatment for Estill County Water District and Irvine Municipal Utilities.
  • Construction of new pump station and force main.
  • Secured project funding from multiple sources, including KIA, EDA, RD, CDBG, EPA, and ARC
  • Phase III Archaeological mitigation.
  • Design of new 2.0 MGD treatment plant.
  • Extension of server service to previously unserved residents.