KY 773


Carter County, Kentucky


H.W. Lochner




As a team member with HW Lochner on this project, CDP Engineers, Inc. was assigned the surveying component of the project.  CDP met with Lochner and and staff members of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 10 to discuss the project scope and schedule.  CDP performed title research of all affected parcels along the project corridor to prepare for boundary reconnaissance during the field survey. Preliminary boundary and right-of-way lines were established and overlaid on aerial mapping provided by the KYTC.

Field surveys were conducted to locate utilities, supplement the aerial mapping and collect boundary and right-of-way evidence. Additionally, reference ties were made to the horizontal and vertical control points used for the aerial mapping. Collected field data was imported using InRoads software and drafted using Microstation V8.  The preliminary boundary and right-of-way lines along the project corridor were reconciled and resolved using the data collected in the field to establish final alignments.  Utility system 

Deliverables to the client included electronic drawing files, point data files, copies of all pertinent deeds and plats.
maps were used to augment the field data and to determine connectivity, material, type and size of all lines. 


  • attend kickoff meeting with the client and KYTC staff member.
  • coordinate with all utility providers serving the area to accurately represent infrastructure.
  • conduct title research of all property owners with the project corridor.
  • conduct field surveys to locate all existing features, observable utilities, boundary evidence.
  • prepare electronic CAD files to be used for design of highway improvements.