Nicholasville Streetscape Phase I


Nicholasville, Kentucky


City of Nicholasville


Fall 2012


$2.2 Million


The first phase of the Nicholasville Streetscape implementation work consists of the three historical downtown blocks of Main Street from Oak Street to Chestnut Street. To redefine the streetscape, selections of natural and sustainable materials were selected. The paver bands are intended to represent wine and be a theme with which the city of Nicholasville can relate to the annual Wine and Vine Festival. Consider the origin of the paver fields as a drop of wine which “ripples” out from two primary intersections: one as you enter the downtown from the north at Oak and Main, the second at Main & Maple As the paver bands decrease in frequency from their origin, they increase in width and accent entrances to storefronts and define the end of buildings or crosswalks. The streetscape design connected the buildings to Main Street and made for a safer and more pleasant condition for pedestrians. The sidewalks were widened, especially  at the corners of the intersections.


  • streetscape design reflected historical and cultural character
  • sustainable materials selected for streetscape elements
  • improved pedestrian safety and connectivity
  • replacement of Town Branch Culvert in right-of-way adjacent to histrocial structures
  • new “dark sky” effecient street and sidewalk lighting
  • utilities buried underground to reduce visual clutter
  • streetscape furnishings integrated harmoniously with historical downtown