Saint Joseph Hospital Water Quality Unit


Lexington Kentucky


Saint Joseph East - Kentucky One Healthcare


July 2018




The Saint Joseph East Campus located on North Eagle Creek Drive installed a 13x19’ Suntree Nutrient Separating Baffle Box capable of capturing up to 95% of trash, up to 95% of TSS, and 90% organics and 60% of phosphorus within the stormwater passing through the system.   Suntree Technologies received New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) verification of claims for the NSBB in November 2008.

The NSBB is a manufactured treatment device (MTD) consisting of a multi-stage self-contained treatment system.  These stages include screening area, hydrodynamic separation and hydrocarbon absorption.  

Prior to installing the Suntree WQU the Saint Joe Campus had 21 catch basin filter inserts installed within storm catch basins and curb inlets. These filter units were problematic in many ways and required routine maintenance; and since the campus is a smoke free environment filters installed near doorways were susceptible to degradation from cigarette burns and were having to be replaced annually.  

The new WQU not only catches more debris but treats more than double the area of the 22 inlet filters. The hydrocarbon booms are specially designed on using Suntree’s patented SkimBossTM floating skimmer panel system.  This system provides sufficient contact time at rated flows to remove an array of hydrocarbons from contaminated water passing through the system.    

The inline fashion of this WQU allowed CDP to install the unit on the main outflow of the campus storm system.  This allowed us to follow the four points of the SWPPP and identify the point source, control and prevent the pollution from entering the downstream watershed, document the treatment and amount of debris removed and finally integrate the methodology into the storm system design.    We have been very pleased with the amount of debris and other particulate pollutants that the WQU removes.


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