South Elkhorn Pump Station and Force Main Improvements


Lexington, Kentucky


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government






The project included construction of approximately 7 miles of 36-inch force main and replacing 4 existing dry-pit pumps with 5 new 4,400 gpm, 335 hp Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) submersible pumps. The purpose of the project was to correct deficiencies in the existing pumps and wetwell and to increase capacity of the existing pump station to 20 MGD. Also, the project redirected the termination point of the force main to discharge directly into the West Hickman WWTP. New odor control was provided for the pump station in the form of a 3-stage, 2000 cfm scrubber to treat wetwell odors; liquid sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide chemical storage tanks; bioxide feed equipment to treat force main odors with liquid chemical storage tanks; and a tank truck fill station. Flow metering was provided by a magnetic flow meter.This project not only improved the hydraulic capacity of the pump station, but also created more capacity in the undersized West Hickman Trunk Line.


  • field surveys of the project corridor, combined with photogrammetric mapping.
  • a preliminary design to evaluate different alternatives, including configurations of pumps/wet well and pipe materials and sizes.
  • hydraulic analysis for sizing the pumps and force main including future projections.
  • new dual chamber wetwell with submersible mixers.
  • new valve vault with shutoff, cushioned check, and surge relief valves.
  • 2250 kw standby emergency generator.
  • rain garden/bioswale for water quality.
  • permeable concrete pavement to minimize stormwater runoff.
  • pump controls, electrical, HVAC, and site improvements.