Geospatial Tools -GeoSync GO Cloud Service

Geospatial Tools -GeoSync GO Cloud Service

"Software as a Service" subscription including data hosting with a suite of applications and productivity tools

GeoSync GO Plus App -Windows, Android and IOS Devices

  • GIS Mapping "featuring YOUR GIS"
  • Data capture using "out of box" or custom forms
  • Create features - points, polylines and polygons
  • Use Trimble R1, R2, or R10 devices for High Precision GPS
  • "Find Feature" functionality using GPS
  • "Get Elevation" tool for Kentucky
  • "Create Profile" tool for Kentucky
  • Link to Google Maps for directions and street view
  • Media tools -view and link pictures, video and documents
  • Publish data from ArcGIS and/or Quantum GIS
  • Import data to ArcGIS and/or Quantum GIS
  • Connected or Disconnected from the Internet


GPS2GIS App - Windows

  • Quickly append and update GIS features
  • Data sources
    • GeoSync GO Plus Workflows
    • Trimble PFO/Terrasync Workflows
    • ESRI Shape Files
    • GeoSync GO XML Files
  • Target GIS Databases
    • FIle GDB and Shape Files (using ArcMap Add In)
    • Open Source SQLITE
    • Open Source POST GIS
    • MS SQL Spatial Databases

3D Point Cloud Publisher - Windows and Browser

  • LAS and LAZ Files
  • Publish to cloud or local server
  • Document Designer
    • Annotations and Measurements
    • Multiple Scenes
    • View point

3D Point Cloud Server - Browser

  • Zoom, navigate and measure
  • Export data
  • Handles large point clouds > 100 million points
  • Multiple scenes and classifications supported

3D Point Cloud Server - Local

  • Open source web server - ready to go
  • Manage and serve point clouds behind your firewall
  • View and link using URL

ArcMap Add Ins

  • GeoSync GO
    • Publishing
    • GPS2GIS
    • Network Tools

Quantum GIS (QGIS) Add Ins

  • GeoSync GO
    • Publishing